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“Una passeggiata Sabauda aostana” [A Savoy walk in Aosta] is the title of a programme broadcast by Rai Tre Valle d’Aosta on Thursday 3 August 2020 and also available on our Youtube channel.       

If you walk in the alpine town of Aosta and take a deeper look around, you will discover many mementoes of its glorious sabaudo past, like street names (e.g. a street named after Count Tommaso I) or the well-known monuments to the “Father of the Fatherland” Vittorio Emanuele II and to “Good King” Umberto I. As you enter the Cathedral you will also find the elegant frescoes dedicated to three blessed from the House of Savoy: Count Umberto III, Amedeo IX and Archbishop Bonifacio.

The temple also boasts the tomb of Count Tommaso II (the only member of the House Savoy to rest in the Valle d’Aosta), who died at the entrance to the city in 1259. The monument is embellished by an elegant 15th century gisant.

These are just some suggestions for a virtual tour which, we hope, will be the prelude to a real (and regal) visit of the town of Aosta!

Photo by Emilio Dattolo


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