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Five cities across Italy (Turin, Milan, Rome, Fermo and Copertino in the province of Lecce) and over 250 children are involved in the Mus-e Project, which the Dynastic Orders of the House of Savoy have decided to support for the 2021/22 school year.

This choice was made in order to give hope and moments of creativity to all these children who, also due to the Covid emergency, have gone through a particularly difficult period and are only now regaining confidence in the future.

“I can’t wait to see the Mus-e artists again because when I grow up I want to make cartoons,” says Anthony, from Turin, whose class will be hosting a multimedia arts specialist for the second year to make a digital cartoon.

“It’s incredible to see how children can bring out their fears, emotions and desires just through a simple drawing”, explains a teacher at the Grossi school in Milan who, thanks to the Mus-e artists, has discovered a new way of communicating with her students, especially those who are more fragile or have more difficulties in using the Italian language.

The project is already underway in Milan and will start immediately after the return from the summer holidays in the other cities as well. At the end there will be a moment of celebration in each class.

The Dynastic Orders of the Royal House of Savoy are happy that the children who benefit from these initiatives can enjoy artistic experiences that are so important for improving their daily lives, and hope that they all enjoy each of these moments to the full, with creativity and freedom.


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