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During the month of September the Dynastic Orders of the House of Savoy traditionally celebrate Saint Mauritius, the patron saint of the Royal House and of its knightly forces.

In an atmosphere of sober solemnity and unanimous participation, whilst abiding by the rules imposed by the Covid-19 emergency, many Delegations and Vicariates celebrated the Liturgical Memory of the Theban Martyr, who perished for his faith in the Gospel.

On 26 September the church of San Camillo ai Crociferi in Catania, which was made available by the Real Compagnia della Mercede, to which it was assigned long time ago by the Archiepiscopal Curia, welcomed the members of the Vicariates of Catania, Messina, Ragusa and Syracuse. The sacred rite, accompanied by the choir conducted by maestro Daniele Medulla, was celebrated by the Rev. Comm. Don Andrea Di Paola, deputy for Messina of the Dynastic Orders. During his homily, after recalling the martyrdom of the primicerius Mauritius and of the Theban Legion, the Reverend exhorted the dames and knights to continue to operate in the pursuit of the knightly traditions of the Savoy forces. The service was attended by the delegate for Sicily, gr.uff. avv. Francesco Atanasio, the deputy for Catania, comm. avv. Giovanni Vanadia, the delegation councillor comm. ing. Salvatore Caruso. Among the authorities, Dr. Maurizio Massimino, head of the Ceremonial of the town of Acireale, was also present.

Also on the 26 September in the church of San Giovanni in Enna the Rev. don Giacomo Zangara, uff. OSML, Deputy for Agrigento, Caltanissetta and Enna of the Dynastic Orders celebrated a liturgical service in the same atmosphere of fervent participation.

During the celebrations, prayers were offered to invoke divine protection for the Grand Master, the Royal Family and all the members of the Orders.

The members of the provincial INGORTP delegations, who attended both ceremonies with their banners, were welcome guests. On the initiative of the Delegation for Sicily, a collection in favour of the FRANCISCAN CUSTODY OF THE HOLY LAND was made.

On the previous Saturday, 19 September, a solemn Holy Mass of the Lombardy Delegation was held in Milan. The Most Reverend Mgr. Luigi Mistò, President of the Pontifical Commission for the activities of the health sector of public legal entities of the Church, officiated at the service. During the homily, in addition to the hagiographic memory of St. Mauritius, the duties of Christian Knights were recalled, which must increasingly be modernized and brought to the service of others. Over 70 people were present at the ceremony, including the Trustee, the Delegation Councillors and almost all the Lombard Deputies who were represented also visually by the flags of the Vicariates in the presbytery. After the Holy Mass, a charity lunch was held in favour of the Delegation’s charitable activities in the neighbouring Palazzo Cusani, home of the Italian Army’s Garrison Club.

Ceremony in Lombardia


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