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17 October 2020 – San Gaudenzio Castle – Cervesina, Pavia

On the evening of 17 October the Pavia Vicariate organized its traditional concert followed by a gala lunch on the Feast of St. Fortunato, the Martyr Companion of St. Mauritius.

In the lower rooms of the Castle there was a musical lecture by Maestro Alessio Lucchini, who entertained the guests with a speech on music at the Savoy Court in the 18th century accompanied by harpsichord pieces.

Afterwards, a gala lunch was held in the ducal hall, the proceeds of which were donated, as is now a ten-year-old tradition, to the Leprosarium of Matany in Uganda, where leprosy is still endemic among the population.

The evening, which took place in full compliance with the regulations in force regarding safety and distancing, was attended by over eighty distinguished members and sympathizers of the Dynastic Orders, together with a delegation of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St. George led by the Deputy Delegate of Lombardy Nob. Cav. Gr. Cr. Giuseppe Rizzani with Dame Simona Delfino, the Representative for Alessandria.

Among attenders there were Comm. Dr. Federico Pizzi, Member of the Council of the Dynastic Orders, the Trustee for Lombardy, Comm. Alberto Di Maria and several Deputies: Comm. Medici – Alessandria, Uff. Russo – Bergamo, Comm. Santini – Lucca, Comm. Scaravelli – Mantua, Comm. Pucci – Pistoia; also present was the Delegation Councillor Dama Gr, Cr. Franca Sciaraffia.

During his speech, the Deputy for Pavia, Comm. Andrea Rivoira, stressed the importance of the aid that has been donated over the years to the Matany healthcare facility, recalling the ideal link established on the example of the Lazarus charism, and informing the members that at Christmas 2019 the hospital dedicated a commemorative plaque to the Dynastic Orders in recognition of the Vicariate’s ten-year commitment.


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