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The works, the projects, the collections of funds.

During 2019 the Orders of the Royal House of Savoy supported several charitable activities all over the world, for a total value of about 1 million euros.

The Beneficial Works in the name of the Dynastic Orders of the House of Savoy have been widely distributed throughout the world. This was possible thanks to the efforts of the delegates and vicars and the support and generosity of the ladies and knights who are part of it.

An exceptional result, but to improve an even better rate, to teach us a look at the future in perseverance and in the need to talk to people with important beneficial projects, demonstrating in fact that we are the living reality we want and should be. We invite you to spread and make known the activities of our orders and to support us.


Mercy ships

Child surgery project in Africa on hospital ships run by the charity organisation Mercy Ships.

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Peter pan

Support to "adopt" rooms at the Peter Pan association in Rome to host families of children suffering from cancer.

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Three years project than helps children to discover themselves and others using different artistic disciplines.

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All the other projects


Roce rosa rivalorese: building of outpatient clinic

Charitable ski race for “free white sport disabled” charity

Altacomba abbey: donation for roof reconstruction

Earthquake in ascoli piceno: support for vocational training centre

Trophy of the dynastic orders of the royal house of savoy

Comunità di San Maurizio d’Agauno in Africa

In Italy


  • Santa maria del carmine church - milano
  • Support for schools in the outskirts - diocesi di cremona
  • Restorations eremo ss.petro e paolo - bienno (bs)
  • Fam support mauro benetton rental from sla
  • Works of restoration villa reale - monza
  • restore church in the military hospital of milan
  • istituto non vedenti - milan


  • basil of superga - turin
  • restorations reggia venaria - torino
  • onlus hansel and gretel for infant children - turin


  • association onlus peter pan - rome - a.i.c.o.d.s.
  • basilica of san giovanni in laterano - rome - a.i.c.o.d.s.
  • hopkins sindome association

marcherestoration of work of art church of madonna della pace – pollenza

  • restoration of work of art church of madonna della pace - pollenza
  • diocese training project of ascoli piceno - aicods


  • first aid goods station in discomforted districts - naples


  • Chiesa san Sisto – Cagliari


  • Caritas – Siracusa
  • church maria ss. pieta '- palermo
  • parrocchia san giuseppe - new chain
  • onlus cbm in support of the tracoma in ethiopia
  • frati cappuccini - caltagirone
  • onlus maris catania


  • poliambulatorio maria cristina di savoia - genoa
  • dae civil protection - cervo - imperia
  • restoration of organ church of santo stefano - genoa

In Europe


  • mission in kasai - s. maurizio d’agauno
  • seminar of friborg
  • hospice of the gran san bernardo


  • diocese of annecy
  • basilica of altacomba - a.i.c.o.d.s.


  • diocese of annecy
  • association together

the principality of monaco

  • association feux et foret - nice


  • training project with the europe, smom and university communities for volunteers at the service of people with handicaps and / or the elderly

czech republic

  • mathilda foundation for people with serious visual diseases

the rest of the world


  • orders of savoia pigott scholarship america’s vetdogs
  • foundling hospital - new york
  • caterine’s club - los angeles
  • savoy’s history program


  • vets canada


  • the royal house of savoy educational program
  • bacon prize and tokyo prize
  • japanese red cross


  • food collection - saint paul
  • project “adopt a neighbourhood, dental prevention” at the church of s. antonio na barra funda in são paulo
  • emei school professor isolina leon ferreia - san paolo


  • conin foundation - cooperative for child nutrition -
  • hippotherapy project for children with handicap - campo de mayo
  • reception house for homeless - pilar
  • construction of a courtyard school of the immaculate conception of the face


  • unifl mission - of sicily


  • christians of the east - del. france
  • ats - holy land association - del. sicily


  • missonary hospital watany - del. lombardy