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Christmas focused on solidarity and on helping others. Starting from 1 December, the Dynastic Orders of the Royal House of Savoy have sponsored several Christmas initiatives throughout the world, including moments of prayer, social gatherings and charity.

We shall mention some of the key events and projects organised for the Season. Read about them all on the official website:

The Grand Chancellery has renewed, for the third consecutive year, the rental contract of a room at the Peter Pan not-for-profit association, in Rome, for the families of children with cancer receiving treatment at the Bambin Gesù Hospital, Rome:

On 7-8 December, the Delegation for the United States organised a major event in New York to raise funds for charitable projects throughout 2019 in favour of children, war veterans, assistance to the victims of natural disasters, scholarships and more.
For details, see 2018 Dance Press Release

The Delegation for Argentina continues its commitment to a hippotherapy project for children, with a charity dinner held at the Weapons Club in Buenos Aires.
See attachment:

The Delegation for Brazil donated food to 40 families in need who attend the Church of St. Anthony of Barra Funda in São Paulo, where there is a statue of St. Maurice donated by the Delegation.

On 7 December the Delegation for Switzerland organised a gala evening in Geneva, with a charity bingo. Proceeds will be donated to the San Maurizio d’Agauno Mission, in Kasai.

By initiative of the Delegation for Sicily and of the respective Vicariates, many liturgical celebrations were held in preparation for Christmas, with the collection of food for various causes.

Apulia is the spokesperson for project “Christmas in the Tamburi District”. Tamburi is a highly problematic district of Taranto, and the Delegation has decided to intervene there by donating toys to children on behalf of the Orders.
See project details in Annex: CHRISTMAS IN THE TAMBURI DISTRICT

On 1st December the Lombardy Delegation organised a gala dinner for 180 guests, including H.E. the Grand Chancellor Johannes Theo Niederhauser, at Palazzo Visconti di Modrone, Milan. Proceeds will be donated for an important school project promoted by the Diocese of Cremona. Among other initiatives in Lombardy, we wish to mention a Christmas donation made to the Chancellery by the Monza and Brianza Vicariate of the Dynastic Orders, and other initiatives organised by the local Vicariates. Christmas Mass was celebrated on 14 December, followed by a social gathering at the Church of Santa Maria del Carmine, Milan. By explicit wish of H.R.H. Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy, the gathering was a fundraising event in favour of Mauro Benetton, who suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and has authored the book “La Coccinella” within project “Cara Sla”.

There are many more charitable initiatives sponsored by the 35 Delegations of the Dynastic Orders of the Royal House of Savoy.

We wish to describe the one held on 22 December in Naples, precisely Holy Mass celebrated in the Royal Pontifical Basilica of San Francesco da Paola, followed by a charity dinner at the Navy Officers’ Club. As requested by the Prior of the Delegation, and in partnership with the International Relief Corps – S.M.O.C.S.G., the Campania Delegation will organise a Basic Needs Counter for Poor Families in some working-class districts of Naples that are part of the parish. The collection accepts cash to purchase food, household and sanitary items for daily use, and the benefactors will supply these items with a tax receipt to monitor the economic entity of the charity provided over the forthcoming months.

If you too wish to support our initiatives to make this Christmas a moment of serenity and joy for all, especially for those who are experiencing particular trials and distress, you can contact us or support the various Delegations through our website:

Best wishes for a Merry and Holy Christmas,

The Grand Chancellery of the Dynastic Orders of the Royal House of Savoy.

Delegation for the United States

Delegation for the Brasil

Delegation for Switzerland


Delegation for Sicily


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