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The Lombardy Delegation was particularly involved during the first phase of the Covid19 pandemic with various solidarity projects in favour of the Lombard Red Cross, the Spesa sospesa initiative in the town of Arona in collaboration with the Piedmont Delegation and various projects in favour of the neediest, both in terms of donated healthcare equipment and for food collections and donations from individual dames and knights whose commitment stood out and who continue to be active across the region of Lombardy.

The latest project concerns support to “Solidarity Stores”, which provide food to all families in deep economic difficulty through 8 distribution centres managed by a network of volunteers of Caritas Ambrosiana.

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus Emergency, 550 kg of food have been given out in these 8 distribution centres every day. Compared to the pre-crisis period, aid is constantly increasing and has reached an average daily growth of 50% in recent weeks, still higher than estimated in the first period of the emergency.

The delivery of food aid has reached 16,500 families, thanks to the activities of 126 Counseling Centres which played a key role across the region and have managed to keep the service active despite the limitations imposed by the health emergency.

In the city of Milan alone, more than 2,000 families are receiving food aid with the assistance of counseling centres across the city.


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