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NORCIA – A donation of € 50,000.00 from the Dynastic Orders of the House of Savoy for the reconstruction of the “Madonna delle Grazie” pastoral centre in Norcia. A gift made by the Italian Royal Family and those belonging to the ancient knighthoods of the Dynasty that HRH Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, Prince of Piedmont and Venice, delivered on 12 August 2017 at 12:00 (Norcia, Madonna delle Grazie complex) to the Archbishop of Spoleto-Norcia Mons. Renato Boccardo, making that contribution available for the important initiative.

«I am very, very happy to be back in Norcia – declares Prince Emanuele Filiberto – and above all to be able to visit the town bringing a concrete sign of our love for this beautiful town and one of Italy’s jewels. When the earthquake that devastated Central Italy happened last year, our first thought was to be able to help this area be born again sustaining a project promoted by the Archdiocese: it was a dream but we have done it. I am here to give Archbishop Mons. Boccardo, who welcomed our gesture straight away with great sensitivity, the sum we made a commitment for and which will be allocated in full to rebuild the “Madonna delle Grazie” Pastoral Centre. Definitely a centre of prayer, but also a place of social aggregation where the elderly and the young can meet around signs of the greatest Love. And that is beautiful: a profound emotion which fully complies with the tradition of my House and the attention for situations of discomfort that have always been the distinctive trait of the Dynastic Orders of the House of Savoy, in particular the Order of the Saints Maurizio and Lazarus. And we could – he continues – not think of a more suitable interlocutor than the Archdiocese of Spoleto-Norcia, given the close links between the Orders and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, in the forefront from the very first day to deal with the emergency. Our heart is with Norcia and with all those who suffer».

Accompanied by the Deputy Chief of Ceremonies, by the Delegate and Vice Delegate of the Umbria delegation of the Dynastic Orders, and by other representatives, HRH and the Archbishop lunched with the Caritas volunteers present in Norcia, meeting the families of those who lost their homes during the earthquake.

Helping Norcia. The donation made by the Dynastic Orders of the House of Savoy, allocated through the International Association of the Knights of the Dynastic Orders of the House of Savoy, will be used to rebuild the “Madonna delle Grazie” Pastoral Centre. The project foresees rebuilding the only place of social aggregation and pastoral activities, which will have “safe reconstruction” structural requirements. The project for the recovery ofNorcia’s Madonna delle Grazie Parish Centre foresees reusing the entire surface split into three original levels to create a single religious building, outside the town walls of Norcia, to be used by the Archdiocese of Spoleto-Norcia.


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