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Dear Knights and Dames,

we are about to experience the splendour of Christ’s victory over death. The ancient enemy, the devil, has been defeated and Christ rises victorious.

This event, which is so fundamental for us, if experienced in the fullness of our Faith, can give us the strength to face all the daily trials that life confronts us with. The resurrection of Jesus breaks into the Church and the history of mankind to give to all the salvation that Christ gained on the Cross. His Blood that was shed for us is the lifeblood of our eternal salvation. Every single drop of His Blood makes hell tremble! Let us adore the Risen Christ, let us empathise with His Passion, let us accompany Him to the Last Supper celebrated with the Disciples, let us stand by His side in the prayerful silence of Gethsemane, let us follow Him on the trial before Pilate and the Sanhedrin, let us be with Him on the road to Calvary, together with the Blessed Virgin Mary, let us stand at the foot of His Cross. And let us feel the special and unique bond that we, as Members of the House of Savoy, can have with John of Arimathea: let us take Christ into our arms, wrap him in the shroud – the Holy Shroud – and place him in the tomb of our hearts. In this way, by keeping him within us, we will experience the overwhelming exultation of the resurrection!

May God bless you, bless the House of Savoy, our beloved Princes and all of us who are proud to wear its insignia!

+ Paolo De Nicolò

Titular Bishop of Mariana in Corsica

Grand Prior of the Dynastic Orders of the Royal House of Savoy


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