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On the morning of Saturday, April 13, the Lombardy Delegation gathered at the Basilica of San Vittore al Corpo in Milan to solemnly celebrate the Most Holy Annunciation, Patroness of the Royal House of Savoy.

In the presence of numerous Dames and Knights, Monsignor Prior delivered a heartfelt homily centered on the figure of Mary and the mystery of the Annunciation, also reflecting on the commitment undertaken by Dames and Knights.

Before the conclusion of the Holy Mass, the Delegate gave a brief address, recalling the historical origin of the Supreme Order of the Most Holy Annunciation and emphasizing the importance of freedom in the Faith, which represents one of the highest ideals in the chivalric tradition.

Following the Holy Mass, a convivial gathering was held in the Salone delle Colonne adjacent to the Basilica, with proceeds dedicated to supporting the “Più Vita agli Anni – VIDAS” project that the Delegation is currently endorsing.


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