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It was celebrated in the splendid scenery of the Church of the Holy Spirit of Messina, linked to the memory of the saint of the “Evangelical Rogate”, Annibale Maria Di Francia, the Holy Mass in suffrage of Queen Elena, benefactor of the City of Messina in the aftermath of the tremendous earthquake of December 28, 1908

The event, in remembrance of the 65th anniversary of the death of the Sovereign and of the 80th anniversary of the concession of the Rose of Christianity by S.S. Pope Pius XI, was promoted by the Messina Vicariate of the Dynastic Orders of the House of Savoy, governed by Don Andrea Di Paola, Office. OSSML, and saw the participation of the Ladies and the Savoy Knights from all over the region with the Magistral Delegate Gr. Francesco M. Athanasius. Also present were the Grand Prioral Delegation of Messina of the SMOM with the Count Don Carlo Marullo of Condojanni, the Culture Conferences Maria Cristina of Savoia with the vice president Eleonora Chiavetta Di Giovanni, the dott. Santi Consolo, Head of the Penitentiary Administration Department, the National Institute for the Guardia d’Onore at the Royal Tombs of the Pantheon with the National Consultor, Provincials and Provincial Delegations of Sicily and Calabria, the Voluntary Red Cross Nurses Corps Italian, the representative of the Rector of the University of Messina, the Association of Friends of Montenegro, the ancient Archconfraternity of the Greens as well as a copious competition of citizens.

The National Inspector of the Voluntary Nurse Corps Sister Monica Dialuce Gambino served as a godmother at the vicarial Labar solemnly brought in procession to the Offertory and blessed by Mons. Cesare Di Pietro, Vicar General of the Metropolitan Archdiocese, who greeted S.E. the Archbishop of Messina.

The celebratory moment continued at the hall of the Institute of the Daughters of Divine Zeal, where the virtues of the second Queen of Italy, personally spasasi for the relief of the Sicilian and Calabrian populations and for the reconstruction of the cities of the Strait, were recalled by the Vicar of Messina and Conte Marullo di Condojanni and the Reverend Mother Superior Sister Ambrosina (FDZ).

After reading the greeting message sent by S.A.R. Prince Vittorio Emanuele, Duke of Savoy and Prince of Naples, moved a long procession from the Church of the Holy Spirit to reach Largo Seggiola where in 1960, as a token of thanksgiving, the City of Messina erected a monument to Queen Elena, unique in Italy, to present a floral tribute to you. Poste Italiane has granted a special philatelic cancellation for a postcard celebrating the event organized by the Vicariate of the OODD of Messina.


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