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Thanks to the proactive efforts of Don Claudio Mancusi, Chief Military Chaplain of the Interforces of Salerno-Avellino and Officer of the Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus, the Mosan Centre in Tyre, in southern Lebanon, has received a donation of 4 pallets of educational material, 10 pallets of clothes and 5 pallets of toys.

The southern region of Lebanon has been under attack during the recent conflict in the Middle East, making it impossible for an official handover ceremony to take place.

A letter of thanks was sent by Don Claudio Mancusi to the Delegation of Puglia and Basilicata of the Dynastic Orders of the House of Savoy.

Founded in September 1993 in Tyre/southern Lebanon, Mosan is a specialised school offering day care for children and young adults with special needs and learning difficulties.

Students with physical, behavioural and emotional problems, as well as learning difficulties, attend the centre five days a week and have breakfast and lunch there every day.

In 2003, Mosan moved to its current location in Borj El-Shamali, in the district of Tyre/South Lebanon, which is between 5 and 20 minutes away from the various parts of the Tyre region

The centre was built on a 4200 square metre plot of land, which was kindly offered by the Borj El-Shamali Municipality.

In response to the urgent need for a care centre and a suitable standard of living for people with disabilities and their families, the Association for Rural Development and the Jaafariah charitable association took action and established the “Tyre Day Care Centre for People with Special Needs” in September 1993 to address the critical need for education and rehabilitation of children with disabilities.


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