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The Jonica Club in Catania and the Royal Villa in Monza: two significant venues chosen for the charitable events organised to celebrate the birthday of Their Royal Highnesses, Prince Victor Emmanuel and Princess Marina of Savoy.

From Catania to Monza, Dames and Knights of the Dynastic Orders of the Royal House of Savoy met for a moment of prayer, followed by a charity get-together to celebrate the birthday of  Their Royal Highnesses, Prince Victor Emmanuel and Princess Marina of Savoy (12th February).

Sharing common ideals, leading Sicilians supported the non-profit organisation CBM to provide assistance for the “trachoma” emergency in Ethiopia (CBM ETHIOPIA), while their counterparts in Lombardy contributed to the restoration of a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Margherita of Savoy that will be displayed in the Royal Palace of Monza.

In Catania, the rowing club Circolo Canottieri Jonica, established in 1926, and visited by His Royal Highness Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy in 2011 and in 2016, hosted a luncheon in honour of Their Royal Highnesses, the Princes of Naples. The event, organised by the Vicarage of Catania, was sponsored by the Sicilian Delegation for Sicily.

Funds were collectedduring the meeting, and someperiod issues were displayedof the «Domenica del Corriere» featuring the birth and baptism of the Prince of Naples.

The Delegate Grand Officer, Lawyer Francesco Maria Atanasio, the Vicars and all the convened paid homage to Their Royal Highnesses over the telephone, conveying the wishes of the whole Delegation.

Holy Mass celebrated by The Most Reverend Mons. Giuseppe Merisi, Bishop Emeritus of Lodi, in the Chapel of the Royal Villa in Monza, was followed by a cocktail and a charity luncheon.

The event was organised by the Vicarage of Monza and Brianza and, particularly, by the Vicar Commendatore Luigi Mastroianni.

The initiative, which witnessed the participation of the Monza Municipality in the person of the Local Authority for Culture, Dr. Massimiliano Longo, also included a musical performance with a performance by soprano Larissa Yudina.

At the end of the event, a scale model was presented of the copy of the Italian Royal Crown modelled on a 3D study with a detailed historical description. It will soon be made with funds collected by the Vicarage, and displayed at the Royal Palace of Monza. 


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