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On Sunday, 2 July 2023, at the Church of Santa Maria della Candelora in Reggio Calabria, the Knights and Dames of the Dynastic Orders of the Royal House of Savoy attended a solemn Mass in memory of TT.HH. the Queens of Italy Margherita, Elena and Maria Josè of Savoy.

The members met in the Sacristy for the donning of the cloaks and then walked through the central nave to their assigned places in the church following the ancient and evocative tradition of the introductory procession.

Presiding over the religious ceremony in the splendid setting of the church was Brother Cav. Uff. Rev. Don Luigi Cannizzo, archiepiscopal Vicar of Reggio Calabria, who officiated together with Cav. Rev. Don Paolo Ielo.

During the Holy Mass, the Knight’s Prayer was also read by Cav. Dr. Vincenzo Marvasi and at the end of the religious rite, to the tune of the ancient Sardinian anthem, the Grand Magistral Delegate of Calabria, Nob. Cav. Avv. Domenico Lupis, handed out the diplomas and insignia to the new Knights who were unable to attend the General Chapter in Geneva last year.

Among the recipients of the diplomas were Baron Francesco Pasquale Cordopatri, Knight of Saints Maurice and Lazarus and Sergeant Domenico Montepaone, Knight of Civil Merit of Savoy.

New members Dame Maria Anna Vidiri, Nob. Cav. Dr. Luigi Nardi and Cav. Dr. Andrea Commisso were also present.

Afterwards, the members of the Dynastic Orders went to Palazzo Correale in Reggio Calabria, where a charity luncheon was held, the proceeds of which (100 hot meals) were donated to the local parish in support of the poor.


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