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Milan, 22 May 2021 – At Palazzo Cusani, headquarters of the Circolo di Presidio of the Italian Army, a charity luncheon was held in support of the Delegation’s charitable projects. On the sidelines, diplomas and decorations were handed out to those honoured in 2020 and which had previously not been handed out due to the suspension of the General Chapter because of the pandemic; after the luncheon, the honorees and their families gathered for the celebration of the First Solemn Vespers of Pentecost Sunday, which were presided over by the new Prior, the Most Rev. Mgr Luigi Mistò.

Milano, 22.05.2021

Cremona, 6 June 2021 – At the Church of St. Omobono, patron saint of the Diocese of Cremona, the Spiritual Assistant of the Vicariate, Archbishop Pietro Bonometti, celebrated the Holy Mass for the Solemnity of Corpus Christi in the presence of the Ladies and Knights of the Dynastic Orders led by the Deputy, Prof. Dr. Amedeo Ferri. After the Holy Mass, a luncheon was held at the Cascina Moreni restaurant, run by the Fabio Moreni Foundation, which promotes the dignity of the individual and his/her complete growth, as well as a culture of love and life, pursuing charitable, educational and training goals, developing projects, initiatives and experiences of exclusively social interest. The entire proceeds of the evening were donated to the Casa Sollievo Bimbi VIDAS, the delegation’s charitable project.

Cremona, 06.’6.2021

Varese, 19 June 2021 – At the Church of Sant’Antonio Abate, the Spiritual Assistant of the Vicariate Uff. Rev. Giorgio Spada celebrated Holy Mass on the liturgical commemoration of Saints Protaso and Gervaso with the display of the relic of St. Maurice, Patron Saint of the Order. The Holy Mass, which was attended by many Dames and Knights, was also attended by representatives of combatants and corps associations and the Gruppo Savoia, together with the Representative for Monza and Brianza of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St. George. After the Holy Rite, a luncheon was held in the halls of Villa Cagnola in Gazzada; at the end, guests visited the prestigious Cagnola art collection on the ground floor of the villa.

Varese, 19.06.2021


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