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These are difficult days in Italy and in the rest of the world. The pandemic has affected everybody, but it has had a particularly strong impact on children because they are weaker and more vulnerable.

In this context, after the latest measures adopted by the government, with schools once again at risk of closure, H.R.H. the Prince of Piedmont and Venice Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, through the Dinastic Orders with A.I.C.O.D.S., has considered it essential to renew his support to the MUS-E programme, which has organized high-level art workshops in Italian schools since 1999.

This year, in view of the lockdown period, the difficulties for children to resume school “as if nothing had happened”, including wearing masks, forced distancing, using disinfectant and – in some cases – distance learning, Mus-e is even more important because it focuses on artistic language as a possibility for children to develop resilience and confidence in the future despite what is happening.

In Milan schools have resumed face to face activities, adopting all possible precautionary measures, and the children of the 3rd year of section B at the Istituto Grossi have welcomed artists Eleonora Terrile and Roberta Secchi with such joy that their reaction speaks for itself.

Restarting is not easy, but MUS-E is ready to do it, as class 3C followed by artists Patriccioli and Quagliarella shows: of course you need to keep windows open and take off your mask just for a second, just the time it takes to give the rhythm to follow with the drums….. but then students can play with sounds even remaining seated at their desks, imagining the sounds of the city, of nature, of things.

The children are very happy to see the artists again, to be able to do something unexpected with their hands and their imagination again. MUS-E is ready to be by their side and very soon activities will be starting also in Turin and Fermo with the support of the Dynastic Orders of the Royal House of Savoy through A.I.C.O.D.S.. This is a great project to make sure that children are not left alone. They need all our affection at this moment so that they don’t lose faith in the future.

We send our special thanks also to the Delegation for Lombardy for their invaluable support to the project for the school year 2020-2021.


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