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Los Angeles, April 29, 2023. The Savoy Foundation’s 5th Annual Royal Gala in Los Angeles – Notte di Savoia – which raised over US$300,000, more than double last year, which has been donated to the Caterina’s Club, a children’s charity association of Southern California.

The American Foundation of the Orders of Savoy (Fondazione Savoia) hosted its 5th Annual Spring Charity Gala – Notte di Savoia Los Angeles – at the Jonathan Club in downtown Los Angeles in the presence of HRH Prince Emmanuel Filiberto of Savoy. There were over 160 guests including dames and knights of the Delegation and their guests, benefactors and important representatives of the business world, who supported the chivalrous mission of the organization for children’s causes. The event benefited Caterina’s Club of Southern California for Homeless Children, which was founded by Officer of the Order of Merit of Savoy, Bruno Serato, the Caterina’s Club feeds over 5,000 children in Southern California every day.

The Notte di Savoia continues the ancient and historic traditions of charity under the patronage of the Royal House of Savoy.

Comm. Dr. Daniel J. McClory, a member of the board of directors of the Savoy Foundation and co-chair of the Notte di Savoia charity fundraising event, with the Knights and Dames of the American delegation, presented the grant to the chef Phew. Bruno Serato, who expressed his gratitude to the Savoy Foundation for the funds raised during the charity event. The funds raised will have a positive impact on the more than 5,000 homeless and motel children.

Among those present: delegate Cav. Gr. Cr. Giuseppe Sciame, the Dame Gr. Cr. Vivian Cardia and the newly awarded Cav. Salvatore “Sam” Galletti, who was awarded his medals during the event.

Special thanks to the organizing committee that made the success of the event: Dama di Comm. Fiorentina and Comm. Daniel J. McClory, Cav. Michele Gatto, Cav. Sinan Kanatsiz, Cav. Patrick Mahoney, Uff. Bruno Serato and Ms. Shaye McClory.




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