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Once again this year, the Dynastic Orders of the Royal House of Savoy, through AICODS, are renewing their support for Mus-e Italia, an organisation whose aim is to combat educational poverty through high-level art workshops in Italian schools.

The 2021/22 school year got off to a rocky start, due to the uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 emergency, but the workshops have started in all the classes supported by the Orders: in Milan, the artists have been in class since November, while in Turin, Rome, Lecce, Bologna and Verona they are starting in these days.

The most beautiful testimony comes from Milan, where the artists were welcomed by a beautiful heart drawn by a little girl, Sohaila, who was delighted to see them again.

After the greetings and holiday stories, the children watched the video story of the project “Going in and out of Van Gogh’s paintings” and the artists began to illustrate the work that will be done this year by showing Lucio Fontana’s Arabesque made from variously bent neon tubes

You can also draw and sculpt with light!

Each child was then given a string of battery-operated lights to bend at will, and was asked to make a sculpture and give it a name. The results were, for example: ‘Christmas spring’, ‘Galileo Galilei’, ‘Reflection’, ‘Wave of light’, ‘Burning curves’. The children then drew arabesques on a blank sheet of paper with a felt-tip marker, starting from a chosen point and then continuing without taking the tip of the marker off the paper. In a subsequent workshop, the arabesques were interpreted with the body, alone and in groups, accompanied by music. The Milan workshop is a demonstration of the great need that children have, now more than ever, to express themselves by giving voice to their emotions, desires and fears: we are proud to support Mus-e in this journey and we will update you in the coming days with other stories about the workshops organised in the various cities involved.

Light Arabesque by Omar


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