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Under the patronage of the Grand Chancellery, the Delegation for Sicily has conceived and prepared a publication to mark the 300th anniversary of the assumption of the crown of Sardinia by Victor Amadeus II, former King of Sicily and Duke of Savoy. Here are the authors and their contributions:

Enrico San Just di Teulada – The Kingdom of Sardinia from the Habsburgs of Spain to the Savoy 1700-1720

Francesco Atanasio – European diplomacy from the Treaty of Utrecht to the Treaty of The Hague (1713 -1720)

Sebastiano A. Ponzio – Sicily 1718: the battles of Avola and Capo Passero

Carlo Del Grande – Victor Amadeus II and his coinage in Sicily and Sardinia

Alessandro Tabuso – Filippo Juvarra at the court of Victor Amadeus II

David G. Truscello – The Apostolic Legacy in the reign of Victor Amadeus II: the controversia liparitana between the Sicilian Crown and the Apostolic See (1711- 1728)

Gualtiero Ventura – The 1717 concordat between Victor Amadeus II and Benedict XIII

Federico Pizzi – The altar and diplomacy: Card. Giuseppe Archinto, archbishop of

of Milan (1651-1712)

As H.E. the Grand Chancellor writes in His preface to the book “…on 8 August 1720… Victor Amadeus II formally took possession of the Kingdom of Sardinia through his envoy and thus opened a new phase for the Dynasty. Three hundred years after that event, the essays contained in this book deal with a series of topics linked to this important phase in the centuries-long history of the House of Savoy, which in terms of importance only comes before that of the Risorgimento, culminating in 1861 with the proclamation of Victor Emmanuel II as King of Italy. The authors have examined complex and crucial historical phases for both the Dynasty and Europe, making a qualified contribution from the point of view of historical research in the field of diplomatic, military and church history, as well as numismatics and economics.

The studies contained in this book illustrate the extraordinary government of Victor Amadeus II during the crucial years in which the State ruled by the Savoy family dealt with kings such as Louis XIV and Anne Stuart and statesmen such as Stanhope and Cardinal Giulio Alberoni. Assisted by diplomats who feared no rivals at any European court and supported by the loyalty of his subjects, Victor Amadeus II succeeded in consolidating his power and making international affairs the most suitable arena in which to stand out as a protagonist in Europe between the 17th and 18th century. He was the only Italian prince who was capable of taking up arms on the battlefields, but also negotiate with chancelleries at Versailles, the Hofburg and Saint James’s….. The events recounted in this book resemble a novel, but they are real and filled with pathos, making the centuries-old history of the House of Savoy a fascinating tableaux vivant. The book can be purchased on the publisher’s website:  

To read the first two pages click here


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