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Naples, 14 February 2023.

Prof. Anna Poerio Riverso, a Dame of the Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus belonging to the Delegation for Campania of the Dynastic Orders of the Royal House of Savoy, has recently published a volume of considerable historical significance titled “Carlo Poerio and William Gladstone”, published on the 220th anniversary of the birth of the Neapolitan patriot.

Given the importance of the publication, the Delegation sponsored and helped organise the presentation of the book at the Circolo Nazionale dell’Unione, in the splendid venue inside the Royal Palace in Naples.

The author was interviewed by Giancristiano Desiderio, a journalist for the Corriere del Mezzogiorno and a historian trained in the tradition of Benedetto Croce.

The presentation was introduced by Marquis Giuliano Buccino Grimaldi, President of the Club founded by Carlo Poerio himself, and the Delegate of the Dynastic Orders of the House of Savoy, Don Gerardo Mariano dei Principi Rocco di Torrepadula, who read the message sent for the occasion by HRH Vittorio Emanuele, Prince of Naples and Duke of Savoy, Grand Master of the Savoy Knightly Forces.

Numerous members of the Dynastic Orders were present.

Among those who took part were Marquis Emanuele de Montemajor, Delegate Councillor for Culture of the Circolo dell’Unione, Ambassador Michelangelo Pisani Massamormile, Prosecutor Luciano d’Emmanuele, Commander of the historic Guide Regiment, Col. D’Altorio, and Dr. Alessandro del Balzo of the Dukes of Presenzano.

The event had the merit of bringing to light the tragic story of Carlo Poerio, who lived his life more in prison than in freedom.

Due to his incessant demands for a constitution as the fundamental law of the State that would inextricably bind the Monarch and the People, he was imprisoned in the harshest Neapolitan prisons: Ischia, Nisida, Montefusco and Montesarchio.

The inhuman conditions of his detention led to a decisive diplomatic initiative by the British, as testified by his correspondence, which was examined by Prof. Poerio.

Having realised that in Naples it would be unthinkable to hope for a renewal of the institutions with the stable granting of a Constitution, Carlo Poerio turned his yearnings to the House of Savoy (who always kept faith with the Statuto Albertino granted in 1848) and became one of the protagonists of Neapolitan Risorgimento.

Ambassador Michelangelo Pisani Massamormile’s speech was very moving. He quoted a text by Benedetto Croce, “Quando l’Italia era tagliata in due (luglio 1943-giugno 1944)” [“When Italy was cut in two (July 1943-June 1944)]: “To my Naples, which has never demanded nor vaguely wished for autonomy and separatism, religiously faithful to that idea of National Unity that its men of 1799 advocated among the first, I dedicate the “Diary” of a period in which, separated in fact, we continually thought of Italy, yearning to become one with Her again.”

The evening ended with a dinner in honour of the Author, who is also a Guard of Honour to the Royal Tombs of the Pantheon, and a toast to remember the recent birthday of TT RR HH the Princes of Naples.


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