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In this difficult period marked by the Covid-19 emergency and considering the needs of the poorest in the face of such a calamity, the Messina Vicariate of the Dynastic Orders of the Royal House of Savoy, in collaboration with the Association “Friends of Montenegro – onlus”, on the initiative of its President Maria Coculo Satta, through the province and town coordination unit, has been delivering food and healthcare equipment to the eighty guests entrusted to the loving care of the nuns of the Istituto delle Piccole Sorelle dei Poveri.

Today’s donation, which took place for safety reasons and according to the regulations in force in the courtyard of the House of the Nuns and was made by Cav. Dott. David Giuseppe Truscello on behalf of the Vicariate and of the Association in the presence of Mother Superior Sister Farances Marie (psdp), symbolically renewed the bond of affection between the Institute of the Little Sisters of the Poor and the Sovereign which, in the aftermath of the earthquake of 1908, helped improve the lot of the people of Messina and financed the reconstruction of the religious building which, since it was built in 1882, had played a key role as a shelter and care home for the neediest in town. The Vicariate has launched other charitable initiatives in memory of Elena of Savoy, to whom 60 years ago, in 1960, as a sign of gratitude, the Sicilian town of Messina decided to add a marble monument in her memory to the large avenue which bears her name. The statue, made by renowned sculptor Antonio Berti, is located in Largo Seggiola and is still the only one in Italy.


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