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In only one week 16.000 euros have been raised in favour of the project to support Community of St. Egidio for the Ukranians 

For days now, our days have been marked by the dramatic news coming from Ukraine and the images of this terrible, inhuman and senseless war appal us.

The Dynastic Orders of the Royal House of Savoy, faithful to their duty and values, at the instigation of H.R.H. Prince Vittorio Emanuele, Grand Master of the Savoy Knightly Forces, and H.R.H. Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy, immediately mobilised to bring our concrete solidarity to the Ukrainian people who are suffering so much.

Thanks to the generosity of our dames and knights, in just one week we have managed to collect the first 15,000 euros, which we have already donated to the Comunità di Sant’Egidio, an organisation you all know for its integrity and transparency. We are in constant contact with them at the moment.

Thanks to all the donations the Dynastic Orders of the Royal House of Savoy are supporting the delivery of humanitarian aid to those who have remained in Ukraine, supporting the refugees who have arrived at the borders of Slovakia, Poland and Hungary and providing relief to the children housed in shelter homes.

The Community of Sant’Egidio has been present in Ukraine for over 30 years, in the cities of Kyiv, Lviv and Ivano-Frankivs’k and Kharkiv and in the border areas with over 1,200 members and numerous volunteers.

Specifically we are supporting:

  1. First aid actions, through emergency kits with food, medicines and basic necessities) and other activities
  2. Welcoming actions, by activating Humanitarian Corridors from Ukraine in order to establish safe ways to escape the war and enter Italy legally.
    Specifically, the sum collected has already been partially used for the transport of some Ukrainian citizens, dialysis patients, who have been transferred to some Italian hospitals.
  3. Minors on Ukrainian territory: support and help for more than 400 minors hosted in orphanages and foster families in Ukraine, through Sant’Egidio’s already active network of long-distance adoptions: these are mainly families who have taken care of minors without a family, who were previously living in orphanages or reported by social services because they were living on the streets. Following the outbreak of war, they took on more minors because of the emergency (now each of these families takes in between 8 and 10 children on average). In addition, the Community supports a number of orphanages, including ‘The House of Joy’ near Kiev with 30 children, ‘The Sail of Hope’, in Donbass, Sloviansk and elsewhere.

The situation is constantly evolving and we will keep you updated, but we would like to thank once again our donors, together with all the volunteers of the Comunità di Sant’Egidio who are engaged in the front line.

Together for Ukraine, with the Dynastic Orders of the Royal House of Savoy!

Continue to support us.


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