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On November 27, 2021, the traditional winter gala lunch of the Lombardy delegation of the Dynastic Orders was held in the picturesque setting of the Columns Hall of the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan.

The event was organized to support the charitable activities of the Delegation and in particular those relating to education, school and university, such as the Mus-E project and the project for a scholarship at the IED. Many illustrious guests, first among them the Grand Chancellor of the Dynastic Orders, Cav. SS. Ann. Johannes Theo Niederhauser, were present.

In his heartfelt speech, the Grand Chancellor highlighted the goals the Delegation has managed to achieve despite the difficulties we all are experiencing in this period and encouraged the Dames and Knights to bear witness with ever increasing strength to the charismata of the Savoy Knightly Forces, especially towards the young generations; in this regard, the Grand Chancellor also expressed appreciation for the Youth Group that the Lombard Delegation is organising “ad experimentum”.

Among the 170 guests who attended the event, we would like to thank in particular Cav. Gr. Cr. Nob Giancarlo Melzi d’Eril, member of the Grand Magistral Council, the members of the Committee, Cav. Gr. Cr. Paolo Thaon of Revel and Gr. Uff. Federico Pizzi, the Lombardy Delegate SMOCSG Count Giuseppe Rizzani, Cav. Gr. Cr. Sen. Gabriele Albertini and the members of the Council of the Lombardy Delegation who contributed the success of the event.


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